Overcrowding of Teeth


How should my teeth be?

  • The upper teeth should sit slightly over the lower teeth. 
  • The points or groove of the upper back teeth should fit into the grooves or points of the lower back teeth (molars).
  • Teeth should be aligned, straight, and spaced proportionally for good oral health.
  • The upper teeth keep the cheeks and lips from being bitten and the lower teeth protect the tongue.
  • During infancy, personal habits like thumb sucking tongue thrusting, pacifier use beyond the age of three, and prolonged use of a bottle can greatly affect the shape of the jaws as well.

Overcrowded teeth or misaligned teeth can cause various problems in both children and adults. This can result in the following problems, which can be dealt quickly and easily by Dr Cottam and her staff at our practice:

  • Abnormal alignment of teeth (Crooked teeth)
  • Abnormal appearance of the face
  • Difficulty or discomfort when biting or chewing

If you have overcrowded teeth there are various treatments available that may help.



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