The retainers and braces have really helped my teeth, I am very happy with the changes. My teeth look and feel better, thanks to all the orthodontists

My braces were amazing…there was not a problem at all. I feel so happy that they have changed and make me feel really grateful

I was a bit disappointed when I first heard I needed braces, but the treatment was spread out. It started off easy with a removable brace and then I got my fixed braces. They were painful, but the difference it was making was great, that encouraged me to keep my teeth clean and go to every appointment. Now I got my retainer, I’m a bit worried that my teeth may move and don’t know how long I have to wear the retainer.

I found my brace fine, I had a problem but it got fixed straight away. I thought the treatment was good.

Before I had my braces, I was really uncomfortable about my teeth. I am really happy about the result of my teeth now. I did break my brace quite a few times, but that was sorted out. When I first had my brace put in it did hurt a little at home but it got better. After that it all went fine. I have now got a pre-finisher to finish improving my teeth. Overall the treatment and the staff are really nice.

My treatment has been very good. I have been treated very well and I am pleased with the outcome of my treatment.

I’ve had my braces on for a year and a half; they came off in May 2010. Being an adult, when I first had them on, it felt strange and I felt conscious of them in front of my family and friends, but I just keep thinking of the end result, my teeth have always bothered me so to have straight teeth I the end was worth all the bother of having them on. Now I have retainers on, which are easy to wear and you can not tell you are wearing them.  So now I have straight teeth and could not stop looking at them in the mirror at firs.

Coming here was delightful; the dentist people helped a lot.

 Day 1: my teeth becoming more painful as the day goes on mainly my bottom teeth as they are more crowded, I am finding it difficult to take the bottom alligners out, I had to skip lunch as I couldn’t get them out and was hoping it would get easier.

Day 2: my teeth are still painful but they are not getting any more painful and I am getting the hang of taking my alligners out as I have been practising and the pain is not as bad

Day 3: I can take my alligners out with ease although my bottom alligners are still more difficult to take out than my top alligners, it hurts when I eat mainly my bottom teeth as they are the most crowded and need most work.

Day 4: I am feeling much better with my alligners as I can put them in and out in a few seconds and they are starting to feel comfortable in my mouth and still fell as they are improving my teeth.

Day 5: it feels the same as yesterday but again they are becoming more comfortable as time goes on and I can take them out with ease

Day 6: again my invisalign are feeling more comfortable I can barely notice them in my mouth

Day 7: my invisalign now feel part of my mouth and when I have them our it feels like they should be in

Day 8: I am feeling much more positive about taking my alligners in and out and I am managing to keep them clean

Day 9: again there are no changes

Day 10: I am able to keep my invisalign alligners cleaner now

Day 11:  again there are no changes

Day 12: the pain in my bottom teeth has totally gone put I can still feel pressure on them

Day 13: again there are no changes

Day 14: no change

Day 15: no change

Day 16: no change

Day 17: no change