Welcome to Dr Cottam’s surgery…

The surgery opened in 1984.  Dr Cottam was only working here at first, whilst commuting to Canada. The surgery has expanded over the last 20 years to occupy most of the building.

The practice philosophy has always been to “ Treat the worthwhile – not the world”

Dr Cottam and her highly trained, loyal and dedicated team have always strived to inform, educate and enlighten all our visitors about the various ways to improve their smiles.

Each patient is treated as an individual. Dr Cottam believes that it is vital for patients to understand their own treatment. Many patients, even whilst quite young, understand more about their own treatment than trained healthcare workers! Dr Cottam finds this not only builds confidence but also means that the treatment is more effective as the patient is fully aware of what they have to do to look after their teeth, and their new smile.

Patients, parents and family provide enormous support on many levels but individual ownership of the treatment by the patient is empowering.